This web site has been developed to provide information to the 212 homeowners in
the Sylvan Grove subdivision of Inwood, WV.
Sylvan Grove Homeowners Association
Inwood, WV
What's New?
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You may contact us via email at:

via snail mail at:

P. O. Box 607
Bunker Hill, WV  25413

or go to our "Contact Us" page.
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Homeowner Auto Decals Available!  In support of the neighborhood watch efforts,
HOA automobile decals have been made. The Berkeley County Sheriff's Department
suggested the use of these decals as it helps them identify homeowner vehicles that
should be in our community and of course, vehicles that do NOT belong in our
community.  We've noted MANY vehicles in the community do not have decals.  

If you are a recent addition to our community, if you have recently obtained new
vehicle(s) or if you never received a decal and need one, please contact our President and
NW Coordinator, Mike McDonald, at 304-261-6907.

Please put the decal on the bottom left hand corner of the rear window of each vehicle.
Email addresses and address/phone number updates:  
In order to reduce costs of mailings and to provide quicker feedback to residents, we'd
like all homeowners with internet access to provide their email address(es) to the HOA via
our email address, or by using the "Contact Us" link on the
left side of this page as soon as possible.  We shall only use these email addresses for
HOA notification reasons.

Has your phone number or email address changed? Are you selling or renting your home?
Please contact the HOA with your updated information so you can stay up to date on
what’s going on in the community.
Neighborhood Watch:

In order to save space on our home page, see our Neighborhood Watch Link for our
update, to join our NW website and receive real-time email updates of any NW events in
the community.

If you witness suspicious or criminal activity, FIRST call BCSD.  If NW members are on
patrol, don't hesitate to flag the member down and inform them of what you've seen/heard.
HOA Dues for FY 2016-17:

Invoices for dues will be sent out in the coming weeks for $150.  

Payment of annual homeowner dues are due no later then September 30, 2016.  Dues paid
between October 1-31, 2016 will be assessed a $40 late fee. Dues paid anytime after
November 1, 2016 will be assessed an additional $50 late fee and will be subject to legal
action at the homeowner’s expense.
 Liens ARE placed on homes/homeowners who are
behind on paying their dues.

Revenue from annual dues are used to pay for necessary expenses that enhance the lives
of all our homeowners - road repairs, snow removal, street lights, mowing of common
areas and the minor administrative costs for newsletters, mailings, etc.  
All HOA Officers
perform their duties as volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and

We ask ALL homeowners to keep current on their dues.  If you're experiencing personal
financial issues in these difficult times, contact the HOA - we're willing to work with you
to bring your dues to a current status.
Last updated:

April 16, 2016
Property/Litter/Trash Complaints:

Per the following link: PSA June 12, 2014), Litter Control complaints will no longer be
handled by the Berkeley County Planning Commission.  Complaints about litter and trash
should be made to the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority at 304-267-9370 or via
email at  

Complaints dealing with property maintenance, including structural conditions, unlicensed
vehicles, tall grass, etc., should be made to the Engineering/Permits Department at

The HOA has already received several complaints this year regarding yards not being
mowed regularly. Tall grass not only brings down property values but it also promotes
rodents, snakes, & other unwanted wildlife. Please be courteous to your neighbors & keep
your yards well manicured. The HOA will not hesitate to contact the County to enforce
the County building code ordinance if you fail to mow your grass in a timely manner.
Building Committee:

A reminder - per SGHOA convenants, all plans for construction/modification of
driveways, all building plans for any new building, fence, wall or structure to be erected,
and all building plans for any remodeling, alteration or addition to any existing building or
structure within Sylvan Grove requires approval from the SGHOA Building Committee.  

The Building Committee consists of Members-at-Large Les VanGilder, Steve Carter and
Don Cherry.  

All questions regarding construction/building/modification plans should be addressed to
members of the Building Committee.    
Letter from the HOA President (August 2015):

Please follow this link to read a letter from our new HOA President, Mike McDonald.  The
letter outlines the goals of the new HOA Board for this coming fiscal year.  
Sylvan Grove Homeowners Association Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at Connections Community Church (old Musselman Apple
plant)  on True Apple Way,
Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 7:00 pm.

Agenda Items:

* FY16-17 Board member election r
* Financial status/dues/budget for FY16-17
* Road paving (tentatively scheduled for June 2016)
* Neighborhood Watch
* Community Involvement

Please attend!  Meetings take only an hour of your time and provide valuable information
for homeowners and enable you to provide input to the Board.  

We need more people to dedicate their time to make this community great. The HOA is
looking for people who can dedicate a little time as needed to the neighborhood. This
community won’t be successful if we can’t get more residents involved. Please consider
nominating yourself for a position.

pecifically, the HOA is looking for a new Secretary and Treasurer. One person is
currently filling both positions and due to personal conflicts, cannot continue filling either
role.  Both positions will require some degree of computer literacy - our Secretary will
need to be familiar with Microsoft Word, while our Treasurer will need to have some
background with Microsoft Excel and/or hopefully QuickBooks.  
Filling these positions
vital to the success of the HOA, please consider volunteering!

The deadline to submit election ballots is June 14, 2016.
Nominations may be submitted by:
- sending an email to
- submitting in writing to PO Box 607, Bunker Hill, WV 25413
- brought to the meeting on
June 14th

Remember - Board members are volunteers, offering their time and energy to the
community.  The Board makes the best possible decisions to serve the community.  
Accordingly, all attending these meetings (Board members and homeowners) are asked to
please keep discussions respectful and civil.          
Paving in Sylvan Grove:

Contracted paving will occur in Sylvan Grove on Tuesday, June 14th and Wednesday,
June 15th.  We will paving significant areas of First Street and Putnam Drive, along with a
small portion of Morgan Street.

Our contractors will ensure traffic can continue to flow despite the paving.  We remind all
homeowners - new pavement is initially fragile.  
The HOA Board selected these dates,
after school has ended, to minimize oversize vehicles such as buses from potentially
damaging the new pavement.  

We're asking all homeowners - if you don't have to go out on these dates, please avoid
going out, to give our contractors a safe working environment and to allow the pavement
to cure properly.  We especially ask - please try to avoid having any vehicle larger than an
automobile on our streets on these dates.  

Our ability to pave our streets is a direct result of our homeowners paying annual dues.  
Please - do keep current on your dues.  We can only continue to improve our community
and our roads with your financial support!
Unleashed Dogs:

The HOA continues to receive complaints regarding dogs not being properly contained by
fences (including invisible fences) and on leashes. We have received complaints of dogs
attacking or intimidating residents, including those trying to walk their own dogs who are
properly leashed.
As a reminder, there is a
Berkeley County Dog Ordinance that requires all dogs to be under
control of their owners, either on a leash or fenced in.
Please report any animal related issues directly to Berkeley County Animal Control at
Please be kind to your neighbors and keep your dogs safe by keeping your dogs leashed or
fenced at all times.